JImageTaglib is a Java tag library for J2EE web applications that generates and manipulates images on server-side (Java application server), then renders it on your JSP page. Allows image filtering, real resizing (resizes image's file size too), subimaging, barcode generation, thumbnail displaying, and so on.

It's based on Java2D technology, specially java.awt, java.awt.image, javax.swing and com.sun.image.codec.jpeg packages.
Be sure to have it in your application server classpath for using JImageTaglib.

Some features examples:
Original Image (the only one hosted on server)
Gray Filter, with border
Blur, Posterize, Sharpen and Threshold128 filters
BlackAndWhite and Invert filters, resized to width = 90 and height = 50
Invert and Sharpen filters, resized to max dimension = 70
Subpart of original image (x = 10, y = 30, width = 40 and height = 50)
InvertYellow Filter, resized to width = 80 (keeps aspect)
Resized to max = 180 then subpart of original image (x = 80, y = 100, width = 40 and height = 40)
Emboss filter, applied 2x
Barcode for number "01234567890123456789"

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